In 1930 Hendrik Boekestijn started the company that’s now known as Westlandpeppers. He started with the cultivation of grapes, peaches, leeks and cauliflowers. Later he was succeeded by his son Pieter Boekestijn. Meanwhile, his three sons Henk, Dolf and Pieter have taken over the company and they cultivate a wide range of chilies and snackpeppers. In the meantime the fourth generation work at the company as well.


Westlandpeppers is located at two locations in ‘Westland’, the main location is in De Lier and a second location in ‘s-Gravenzande. With totally 8,6 hectare of greenhouses. In the high season, we have around 100 employees at our company, working in the greenhouses and packaging hall.



We grow different varieties of peppers in our greenhouses. For example, the well-know Spanish red pepper, green, yellow and orange, but also the Habanero, Jalapeño, Pimientos de Padron, sweet mini bell peppers, Poblano’s and many more different varieties. All these varieties are put toghether in different departments in the greenhouse. It depends on the demand on how much we grow of each variety and the cultivation method is also different for each variety.


At our main location in De Lier we have a large packaging hall where all our
products are packed. Westlandpeppers offers various kilo- and small
packages. Standard packaging is the 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, and 5kg packaging. The packages can be delivered with one or more products, according to your own composition. For the small packages the customer can choose from a large number op possibilities, but an individual interpretation or a specific design is also possible. Contact us for more information.



Westlandpeppers is an international and innovative horticultural company. The products are sold worldwide with a focus on sales in Europe to provide consumers with tasteful products. The products are year-round available. From April till November the products come from our own greenhouses in the Netherlands and from November till April the products come from Spain, Morocco and Israel, where we work with the same growers for years. The harvested products are transported to the packaging location in De Lier. Here we pack the products carefully to the wishes of the customer. This way we can offer chilies and snack peppers year-round.


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