Westlandpeppers has a wide range of chillies & bell peppers. In addition to the fresh products, Westlandpeppers also has dried peppers, herbs and various sauces. The fresh and dried peppers are available in various kilo and small packages. The packaging can be supplied with one or more products, according to your own composition. For the small packages, the customer can choose from a large number of possibilities, but an own interpretation or specific design is also possible. Please contact us for more information. In addition to supplying wholesalers and supermarkets, we started a webshop in 2013, which enables us to provide catering companies and private individuals with the various products from our range.

Fresh chillies & bell peppers Westlandpeppers


– Chili / Spanish chilli
– Jalapeño
– Habanero
– Habanada
– Snackpepper / sweetbite
– Rawit
– Pimientos de Padron
– Ancho Poblano
– Tomatillo
– Serrano
– Shakira
– Corno di Toro
– Hungarian Wax Pepper
– Scotch Bonnet
– Shishito
– Naga Jolokia
– Trinidad Scorpion
– Carolina Reaper
– Sliced Organic Jalapeño peppers – per can (4,25kg)

Dried peppers Westlandpeppers


– Dried chile Ancho
– Dried and Smoked Chipotle
– Dried Chipotle
– Dried chile Pasilla
– Dried chile Mulato
– Dried chile Guajillo
– Dried chile Habanero’s
– Dried chile Cascabel
– Dried chile Arbol
– Dried chile Trinidad Scorpion
– Dried chile Naga Jolokia
– Dried chile Carolina Reaper
– Dried chile Serrano
– Dried chile Ñora
– Dried sweet Pimientos
– Dried Spanish chillies
– Organic chilli flakes
– Divers rubs/spice mixes

Fresh herbs Westlandpeppers


– Epazote
– Curry leaves
– Hoja Santa/peper leaf
– Mexicaanse oregano
– Okinawa spinach
– Moringa leaves

Sauces Westlandpeppers


– Sriracha Sauce
– Naga Jolokia Sauce
– Caribbean Scorpion Sauce
– Groene Jalapeño Sauce
– Smokey Chipotle Habanero Sauce
– Summer Heat Sauce
– Aji Amarillo Sauce
– Madame Jeanette sambal

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