Westlandpeppers is in possession of various certificates that show that we work in a (food)safe, hygienic and sustainable way. The certificates are valid for our packaging hall and greenhouses. We also want to create a pleasant working environment for our employees.

Westlandpeppers is in possession of these certificates:
– Global GAP
– IFS highest level
– Skal
– PlanetProof



Westlandpeppers wants to work in the most sustainable way possible with the way we cultivate the products, biological control, packaging, energy, water, waste and working conditions. We use biological crop protection and, for example, use parasitic wasps against possible lice. With many different products and varieties, it is a challenge to create a good climate for all types.

The PlanetProof certificate, which we obtained in 2018, shows that we contribute to a cleaner air, good water quality, circular waste processing and sustainable use of energy. With our 960 solar panels we generate energy in a natural way, which we use for the most part ourselves. In 2018, we generated around 218.000 MWh of energy, which is equivalent to about 1/3 of our annual use.


Westlandpeppers has been growing on recyclable coconut substrate for many years and this year, after a few years of testing, this entire company has also switched to biologically compostable rope. A million strings are already hanging in our greenhouses in De Lier and ‘s-Gravenzande. The biodegradable rope is not only better for the environment, but also it has number of advantages. The plant remains at the end of the season do not have to be sieved, to remove the plastic rope. It also creates possibilities to re-use the old plant material to, for example, make packaging from it, into which eventually peppers can be packed in. Of course, this is a bit for the future, but there are already possibilities to pack the products in organic packaging if the customer wants that.



In addition to the possibility of organic packaging, we also have organic products in our range. We offer 100% organic products in the winter season (November-April). These organic products come from Spain, where the peppers are specially grown. In addition to the fresh products, we also offer organic sliced Jalapeño in can and organic chili flakes.

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