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Westlandpeppers has its own range of handmade sauces. The sauces are produced at a local company in small batches to ensure an exclusive product.

In addition to vinegar, the sauces contain no preservatives or colouring agents. For the sauces, we use as many peppers as possible that we just can’t use for the supermarkets, restaurants or consumers. By using this class 2 chillies we try to throw away as few chillies as possible. With this, we want to prevent food waste in a sustainable way.


– Smoked Habanero Sauce is made from red habanero and dried and smoked chipotle peppers. The tropical fruity and very spicy habanero in combination with the dried and smoked chipotle makes that the sauce has a sweet, smoky and very spicy taste.
– Naga Jolokia Sauce is an extremely hot sauce made from fresh Naga Jolokia peppers of Westlandpeppers.
– Caribbean Scorpion Sauce is a devastatingly hot sauce and is made with pure and fresh Trinidad Scorpion peppers.
– Aji Amarillo Paste is an important ingredient in Peruvian cuisine. The Aji Amarillo chillies are the edible gold of Peru and have a spicy, fruity, colourful and creamy taste. It is the most widely used chilli pepper in Peru and by adding the Aji Amarillo Paste to a dish you create the taste of Peru in your own kitchen!
– Smokey Morita Sauce  is a spicy, smokey flavoured tabasco, ideal for tacos. The sauce owes its delicious taste to the Chipotle Morita pepper. The result is a spicy, fruity and slightly smoky sauce, which gets an extra deep flavour from the addition of cumin seeds.
– Jalamayo is a delicious natural mayonnaise with a fantastic spicy kick from fresh Jalapeño peppers. Spicy, yet creamy and above all very tasty.
– Magic Miso Mayo is a delicious, slightly spicy and flavourful mayonnaise. The mayonnaise is flavoured with white miso, Aji Amarillo Paste, white wine vinegar and lime juice. The addition of Aji Amarillo Paste gives it a Peruvian touch and makes it the ideal mayonnaise for Nikkei cuisine.
– Indian Hot Saus is a flavourful sauce that takes you on a culinary journey to India. The sauce combines the spiciness of red and green chillies and Madame Jeanette with the sweetness of ripe red bell pepper, juicy tomato, exotic pineapple and soft mango. The sauce is further flavoured with onion, garlic, ginger, coriander and balanced mix of Indian spices. This ensures the sauce has a deep and complex flavour of sweet and spicy.

The sauces can be ordered in our webshop, for more information or other possibilities please contact us.


Make your own sauce

In addition to the sauce bottles, Westlandpeppers also has a range of packages with which you can make your own delicious sauce. These packages contain all the fresh or dried ingredients to make the sauce. Below the options, for more information or other / custom options please contact us.
– Sambal package
– Mexican Salsa Verde kit
– Salsa Macha Box
– Enchilada Saus Box
– Fermentation kit – hotsauce


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